1. Shipping as Seller

Shipping costs are added to your asking price and paid by the buyer as part of the total purchase price.

It is important to add the shipping proof so that the buyer is notified that the item has been sent and that they could track their item.

Who pays for shipping?

Basically the price of shipping is always covered by the buyer. Sellers must always ship their items using the method and provider chosen and paid by the buyer. Make sure that the package size chosen is a good fit for your item. After the buyer pays, sellers won’t be able to charge them extra and will have to send the item out.

Packing the item

It’s important to pack your items properly so that they aren’t damaged during the shipping.

Besides, the package should fit the regulations of the postage provider so you or your buyer won’t need to pay extra. Make sure your package fits the size, weight and dimensions.

When packing your item, keep these things in mind:

Use an outer packaging material that is resistant and strong.

Pack the item with bubble wrap, foam, or paper so there’s no room for your item to move around in the package.

Place goods that might be affected by dirt, water or wet conditions inside a plastic bag.

Personal touch is always a good idea.

How to ship an item?

The shipping process is simple:

You’ll see shipping info in the conversation with the buyer.

You don’t have to pay for the shipping, your buyer will pay.

Ship the package within 5 working days and keep the receipt.

Make sure that the item reaches the buyer in great condition, so pack it thoroughly.

Be sure to choose the right package size as the buyer will pay for it.

A wrong choice might result in a returned package, extra shipping costs, a pickup fee, or even negative feedback from your buyer.

How long do I have to ship the item?

You have 5 weekdays to ship the item from the day the buyer has purchased it, otherwise, the transaction will be cancelled.

We recommend not to wait until the last day, as it might take up to 48h for shipping provider to update the delivery information.

If you’re unable to ship in time:

Explain the situation to the buyer.

Cancel the order.

If you agreed with the buyer before cancelling, you’ll avoid negative feedback.

2. Shipping as Buyer

How does delivery process work?

After you buy an item, the seller is notified.

Seller has 5 working days to ship the item.

The buyer will be notified when the item is shipped based on tracking information or when the seller write “I have shipped”. If you chose a tracked shipping method, you’ll be able to track it via conversation with the seller and transporter.

Delivery time

Delivery time of an item depends on the shipping service the buyer chooses and the seller’s handling time. Buyers can see their order’s estimated delivery date at checkout. Also, they’ll be notified once the seller ships their item.

Seller’s handling time:

Seller has up to 5 working days to ship the item, depending on the shipping method the buyer has chosen.

Shipping time

Shipping time varies according to the destination of the parcel, as well as the shipping provider: typically, it takes 2-3 working days, but it can be longer at times.

Saturdays, Sundays, and major national holidays are usually not included in transit time estimates.

Parcel tracking

Both buyers and sellers can track their parcel in the message thread. There they can see where the parcel is and its expected delivery time through the web of the transporter company with tracking number.

Solving issues with delivery

If you’re a buyer and your item hasn’t arrived, it arrived damaged or is a significant mismatch from the description, make sure to notificate I have an issue within the following time frames:

Within 2 days of your item being delivered if it is significantly not as described or is damaged.

Within 2 days of the expected delivery date if the item hasn’t arrived.