Selling an item is easy! Here’s how it’s done:

List an item.

Upload a few great photos of the item, write a detailed description, set your item price.

Listing more than one item helps you sell faster.

Build your profile.

Set up and verify your account.

Choose shipping and payment options in your settings.

Wait for buyers.

Be ready to answer all questions from buyers

You’ll be notified about all the purchase steps that buyer has made.

It’s sold! Time to ship

Pack your item! A personal touch is always nice.

Ship the item with the method that the buyer has paid for.

Follow the instructions for shipping, but be sure you ship the item within the 5 weekdays from purchase.

If the buyer has chosen a tracked shipping method, you both can track the journey of the item.

Delivered and Everything is Ok?

This is the perfect time to leave a Feedback and Stars for your buyer and tell others what you think!

Don´t forget to delete the adds of each sold item.

What can I sell on SportWeb.Club?

SportWeb.Club is a place to sell:

Women’s, men’s and children’s sports items, clothing, footwear and accessories related with sport. What SportWeb.Club is not for

1. The following items cannot be sold on SportWeb.Club

Strictly prohibited items:

Items that do not comply with the laws in your jurisdiction;

Counterfeit items, i.e. fakes and unauthorized replicas of the real products;

Samples or promotional items which you received for free;

Prescription products, medications, professional medical supplies, vitamins, food supplements;

Food and drinks;

Drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, also vapes, or other vaporizing instruments and accessories;

Official uniforms, badges, accessories or any other type of items of the armed forces, police, or any other emergency service

International humanitarian aid emblems and names individually or within the clothing;

Nazi, fascist, uniforms and accessories;

Items that promote or display violence, discrimination, hatred, or crime;

Autographed items (or similar items) without a trusted certificate of authenticity.

2. The items that do not comply with hygiene standards, or pose risk to your health/safety:

Worn underwear, worn bras, bathing suits and tights can be sold as long as they are properly washed and the description clearly states that the item has been worn.

It is strictly prohibited to sell cosmetic items.

Electronic and high-tech products (e.g. mobile phones, computers, TVs, speakers, cameras, power banks, cables, phone chargers, washing machines, dishwashers, irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.);

Furniture, housewares, household appliances, garden tools and equipment;

Mattresses, pillows, bedding, blankets for adults;

Kitchen ustensils and appliances, knives, pans, pots, coffee machines and similar items or appliances for food making, food storage items;

Magazines and stationery supplies for adults, such as notebooks, diaries and calendars;

Paintings, drawings, photos and other works of art;

Sales catalogues and products ordered on request, professional services or any other advertisements promoting commercial activities;

Empty dust bags, packaging boxes, paper shopping bags, gift boxes, moving boxes;

Advent calendars, surprise packages/bundles;

Sexually explicit items such as sex toys and fetish related items;

Accessories or clothes for animals and animals themselves;

Tickets for events, gift cards and discount coupons, subscriptions.

All of the above-mentioned items, as well as similar ones which do not fall under our accepted categories, will be removed or hidden from the list by our team.

Please note that if you use a paid feature for your listing and the listing violates our rules, we won’t be able to refund the cost of the feature after we remove or hide that listing.

Receiving the payment

Sellers receive their payments as soon as an order is completed following the Payment Method chosen by the Buyer.

Leave feedback!

Leaving feedback for both buyers and sellers is important because it builds trust among the SportWeb.Club Members.

Leave feedback in your conversation thread

Choose the number of stars you would like to give, add a comment, and submit it.

You can also Leave feedback by viewing your seller’s or buyer’s profile, and clicking on their star rating.

You can edit or remove your feedback. You’ll see these options under the feedback you’ve left.

Tips for the number of stars:

How is my feedback rating calculated?

Feedback is how we build trust in the community.

How it works:

Your star rating is based on the average amount of stars you’ve received.

Only feedback left by other client affects your star rating.

Every feedback message counts. When the same client leaves you more than one review, each feedback message will be taken into account.

Cancelling an order

A buyer and a seller can cancel their order only if the item hasn’t been shipped yet.

To cancel your purchase:

Open your conversation screen with the buyer

A mutual agreement between a buyer and a seller about cancelling their order will help them avoid negative feedback.

Reached an agreement with the buyer?

If you agreed on the refund

Please arrange the return of the item directly with the buyer. As soon as you receive a valid tracking number of the return package from the buyer, you can cancel the order and refund through the conversation thread. We strongly advise to wait until you receive at least this proof before proceeding with the refund.

If you agreed that the buyer would keep the item write Resolved Issue in your conversation thread with the buyer.

Can’t agree on the refund with the buyer?

Ask us to step in.

If you need help in solving an issue, reach out to us sending us an email describing your issue at We’ll analyse the case to help you to find the solution.

COVID-19 and Security

Your safety is our highest priority and is now more important than ever. Therefore, we encourage you to learn more about the coronavirus and how to stay safe from COVID-19 by buying and selling on SportWeb.Club

Buy and sell safely

According to official sources from both the WHO and the CDC, the virus does not survive on surfaces for long. There is also no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through the shipment of goods or packages.

In transport, packages are exposed to dynamic environmental conditions and are unlikely to arrive contaminated.

Advice on data protection

Online spoofing and malicious software related to COVID-19 are proliferating in several arenas. The people who organize these operations are trying to take advantage of concerns related to the coronavirus.

Detect virus scams

You can receive e-mails or personal messages asking you to write personal passwords, to open an attachment to find out more (which could introduce malicious code to your device) or to visit a fraudulent website that imitates an authentic website (a through which your device could be infected).

Take the following precautions when opening emails or messages related to the coronavirus:

Stay alert and use common sense.

Do not trust e-mails supposedly sent by WHO, or from experts who claim to have more information about the virus. Instead of clicking on the links in those emails, you go directly to the authorities’ websites.

Do not enter personal information or passwords on suspicious websites, especially if they have been directed to unknown e-mails. Check the sources of any requests before starting a conversation.

Don’t open unknown attachments or click on suspicious links.

Be careful with the information requested, ignore requests to share information or take actions if you do not know its origin. Use only the official payment and communication methods of the Platform. Do not carry out activities related to our service outside the Platform.