Buying tips:

If you see a seller’s profile with a lot of positive feedback it means you’ll most likely have a great experience buying from him.

Ask all the questions you have about the item so you feel comfortable with your purchase. It saves you time because you gather all the info before the package appears on your doorstep. You can ask for extra photos too!

Make sure you have saved the correct delivery address on the Platform before buying.

We suggest using PayPal for security reasons.

Buying step by step

Find an item you like and chat with the seller.

Start a conversation with the seller.

From the conversation thread you can:

Chat with the seller or Call the Seller.

Offer a new price.

Buy the item straight away.

Clear up any questions you have about the item.

Buying the item:

Either on the item’s listing or on the conversation screen, you can make your purchase.

Make sure you have the correct delivery address saved.

Receiving your item.

All paid? Great! Now just wait for your item to arrive.

The seller has 5 days to send out your new treasure.

You’ll be able to track the delivery status of your parcel with a Tracking Number.

Delivery usually takes up to 5 working days but at times it can take a little longer.

After your item is delivered you will have 2 options:

Everything’s OK – let a review with stars.

I have an issue – if your item hasn’t arrived, it arrived damaged or is a significant mismatch from the description, please contact the Seller first to find a “Friendly Solution” if not possible then contact us.

Delivery time

Delivery time of an item depends on the shipping service the buyer chooses and the seller’s handling time. Buyers can see their order’s estimated delivery date at checkout. Also, they’ll be notified once the seller ships their item.

Seller’s handling time

Sellers have up to 5 working days to ship the item, depending on the shipping method their buyer has chosen.

Shipping time:

Shipping time varies according to the destination of the parcel, as well as the shipping provider: typically, it takes 2-3 working days, but it can be longer at times.

Saturdays, Sundays, and major national holidays are usually not included in transit time estimates.

Parcel tracking

Both buyers and sellers can track their parcel in the message thread. There they can see where the parcel is and its expected delivery time through the web of the transporter company with tracking number.

Solving issues with delivery:

If you’re a buyer and your item hasn’t arrived, it arrived damaged or is a significant mismatch from the description, make sure to notificate to the Seller “I have an issue” within the following time frames:

Within 2 days of your item being delivered if it is significantly not as described or is damaged, or Within 2 days of the expected delivery date if the item hasn’t arrived.

Cancelling an order

A buyer and a seller can cancel their order only if the item hasn’t been shipped yet.

To cancel your purchase

Open your conversation screen with the seller.

A mutual agreement between a buyer and a seller about cancelling their order will help them avoid negative feedback.

Returning an item

If your item was damaged in transit or is significantly not as described, you can return it and ask for a refund. If the item doesn’t fit you or you don’t like it, you can only return it if your seller accepts it.


You must return the item in the same condition in which you received it, i.e. you cannot wash or use it.

Start a return

If the item you’ve received was damaged in transit or significantly differs from the description, here are the steps to take: In the conversation thread with your seller, write “I have an issue” within 2 days of the item’s delivery.

Provide the seller with the evidence to show them that the item has arrived damaged in transit or is a significant mismatch from the description. The evidence can be photos with any of the following:

The item with the damaged part(s) visible.

The item’s packaging showing its damaged part(s).

The item’s part(s) that do not match the item description.

Look for a solution with the seller. Discuss the options of the refund and return shipping of the item:

The seller can ask you to send the item back and refund you the payment.

Then, based on your discussion with the seller, continue with one of the scenarios described below.

Reached an agreement with the seller?

If you agreed on the refund:

Please arrange the return of the item directly with the seller.

As soon as the seller receives a valid tracking number of the return package from you, he can cancel the order and refund you.

Make sure you share the parcel’s tracking number with the seller. We strongly advise them to wait until they receive at least this proof before proceeding with the refund.

If you agreed that you (the buyer) would keep the item, confirm in your conversation thread with the seller.

Can’t agree on the refund with the seller?

Ask us to step in.

If you need help in solving an issue, reach out to us writing an email describing your issue at We’ll study the case to help you to find a solution.

Next steps to take

If the return of the item is confirmed, please do the following:

Ship the item to the seller within 5 days using a tracked shipping method

Send him the following info:

Valid tracking number of the parcel.

Photo of the item in the packaging.

Photo of the shipping label (with tracking code, sender’s and recipient’s names visible) Unless something is wrong, he will sort out the refund for you then.

If the item you bought doesn’t fit you.

Unfortunately, in this situation you cannot claim a refund unless the seller agrees to accept the return after you contact him privately.

If this is the case, you’ll need to agree on the return conditions with him.


Unless you agreed otherwise with your seller, typically you’ll need to cover return postage expenses.

Please note:

In some cases, when there are strong indications that the item that you received is a counterfeit, you may not have to send it back to the seller. In this situation, we may ask you to cooperate with us.

COVID-19 and Security

Your safety is our highest priority and is now more important than ever. Therefore, we encourage you to learn more about the coronavirus and how to stay safe from COVID-19 by buying and selling on SportWeb.Club

Buy and sell safely

According to official sources from both the WHO and the CDC, the virus does not survive on surfaces for long. There is also no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through the shipment of goods or packages.

In transport, packages are exposed to dynamic environmental conditions and are unlikely to arrive contaminated.

Advice on data protection

Online spoofing and malicious software related to COVID-19 are proliferating in several arenas. The people who organize these operations are trying to take advantage of concerns related to the coronavirus.

Detect virus scams

You can receive e-mails or personal messages asking you to write personal passwords, to open an attachment to find out more (which could introduce malicious code to your device) or to visit a fraudulent website that imitates an authentic website (a through which your device could be infected).

Take the following precautions when opening emails or messages related to the coronavirus:

Stay alert and use common sense.

Do not trust e-mails supposedly sent by WHO, or from experts who claim to have more information about the virus. Instead of clicking on the links in those emails, you go directly to the authorities’ websites.

Do not enter personal information or passwords on suspicious websites, especially if they have been directed to unknown e-mails. Check the sources of any requests before starting a conversation.

Don’t open unknown attachments or click on suspicious links.

Be careful with the information requested, ignore requests to share information or take actions if you do not know its origin. Use only the official payment and communication methods of the Platform. Do not carry out activities related to our service outside the Platform.